A golden medallion

Soft leather hair

A boring estate sale

A small county fair.

Secluded lush island

Starving alone

Wandering geese

2014 car show.

A frightening militia

A tissue in hand

For issuing sanctions

and dealing contraband.

A lovely red fox

holding a petunia

Sorry you missed it

You should have come soona.




The atrocities vanish

When she thinks of her hunger

The world all around can startle and crumble

Fall asleep now

While the shadows surround

And the whispers and doom

crowd and confound.

For the strategy is 

To sleep long and deep

And to never wake up

Forever asleep.

The ultimate gain

Of ignoring the trouble

Is to wake up one day

In a great pile of rubble.


It’s the Thought that Counts



The air was green

The earth was lent

of suffering, seclusion, Ulyssus T. Brent.

Air from the North

Whence eaten from grain

In hindsight a niggle, a giggle, some pain.

Regardless of truths

Of lasting fruition

Of blindness and Alzheimer’s the blame falls 

than CRASH

Nothing, no one, blind sight 

No regard

No laughing, no lugging

A purple guitar.

Sunrise confusion,

Lastness and grain

The ultimate retrieval

A hard drive


Musings on Hot Chocolate


The region in which I live, the Northern tip of Siberia, has seen its coldest winter in 27 years and two days.  This frigid weather brings back memories of more frivolous times.  The days when children were allowed to play freely in the warmth of the sun.  When adults left their homes without the fear of losing a finger or toe to frostbite.  Let us reminisce the days of old, when children remained children, and when adults remembered the source of their joy.

When you’re sick of the cold

When you’re hating the ice

When you’re missing the sun

When you don’t think it’s nice

That you are forced to wear layers

Of scarves, hats, and coat

When you’re blood boils over

As your Floridian friends gloat,

Remember the drink

That is there at your service

To come to your aid when your are quite nervous.

The drink, my dear friend,

Champion of justice

Is very hot chocolate

Since the days of Augustus.

To create this serum, refreshment, this brew,

You will need a pot and milk,

You will need chocolate, too.

Boil the milk, throw the chocolate in the pot.

Pour the drink in a cup

And drink while it’s hot.