Seriously, Get A New Job and Don’t Expect Good Rhyming And And And


It’s a Tuesday afternoon,

That’s why I’m taking all your money.

When you’re working for an agency

Things can get real funny.

Money off for taxes, money off for what??

Money off for walking, money off for thought.

You’d think my job would pay for bills, and food, and other stuff

But actually, it doesn’t.

Does stuff rhyme with enough?

Part II

Question for the Universe at Large:  

How do you become president or director of something and climb up from the bottom rung of the ladder?  According to Life Long Observations Based Upon Experience (May, 2014, p. 304. par. 5), it’s not by being a hard worker or even by being good at what you do.

So what is it, then? Luck?  Balls?  Guts?   If you send me the correct answer, I will become the President of Something or Other and hire you.  You may begin at the bottom rung of the ladder.

Brought to you by Bold Letters and Italics for Life