Yeah, Because That’s How It Is


Climbing up the mountain steep

And he stumbles as he runs

darkness eating at his eyes

Hearing that the time passed by

Spilling over,

Drenched to tears

Suffering for 0.2 years

This is life

Your gonna fall

So stand back up

And fall again.


A Poor Man and His Wallet


One word does have meaning

One glance and one shoe

The other day Heather
forgot she had two.
Two shoes for her feet.
A small piece of meat.
One bone for a pooch.
One skin colored brooch.

She walked through the forest
and tripped on a branch.
Tripping on logs is ok when your twenty
But quite something else when approaching seventy.
Excuse the rude words,
The curses and screams
When poor Heather went down
She split her side seams.
She called for some help
But no one heard her hoarse cries.
She laid there for hours
I am not telling lies.

Finally a young tot,
Away from his school,
Approached the old woman
And told her the rule.
Never go out
wearing only one shoe
Despite the fact that
It looks really cool.

Heather thanked the boy
For his insightful speech.
He walked away,
Eating a plum then a peach.

Did Heather return to her home, to her hearth?
Did she ever regret the day she was birthed?
These are good questions. The answers not clear.
But this story will be
continued next year.

A Day At The Post Office


A wonderless hap
A small dog in her lap
The dish filled with butter
is no replacement for a loving mother.
The phone filled with ads
A home swarming cats
A tiger, a leper,
An old man in a swing.
The fiery linguine
A cat in some jam
A purple postada
A 1 carat ring
So shiny, yet old
So smooth, yet so far
Whatever she wishes
She can get there
She hasn’t a car.

General Unfoodly Limerickization. Forgiveness Optional?


There once was a man from St. Murtle

Who decided to purchase a girdle.

It fit him quite well,

Some said it was swell.

For now he looks much like a turtle.




There was an old woman named Shiri

Who liked to eat pie with her kiwi

Her daughters said “Gross!”

They had a doctor diagnose

Now she eats pie with zucchini.




 by Scot Frei

Old McDumphrey sat readin’

His wife continued her beadin’

Their children climbed trees

got stung by bumblebees

Now the trial of their parents is proceedin’.






Haiku Sunday


I know, it isn’t Sunday yet, but it will be.  I promise.


Marble cake today

Like a chocolate waterfall

Five seconds, finished.


Dear reader, please add your food haiku in the comments.  You know you want to.