The Girl, the Rabbit, and the Troll



Once there was a young girl with a big problem.

The girl had neither mother, nor father, as both were killed in a plane crash.

The girl needed parents, for she did not know many things: she did not know how to add, multiply, or subtract.

She wandered through the Forest of Nell until she came upon a troll.

As is known, trolls are strong and large, yet extremely dumb-witted.

Seeing the troll, the girl ran.  However, the troll ran after her, as he had not eaten in four weeks.

“X-eee sshmYush tXush?” he asked.

In troll, this means, “Why are you running from me young girl, I have not eaten in four weeks and you seem like the perfect meal.”

The girl continued running.  She did not understand the troll’s question, as she never did learn Tollenese.  All she heard was the mighty roar of a savage beast.

The girl found a large rock which was surrounded by moss.  She hid beneath the moss, trembling assuming her life was over.  She thought about the way she acted throughout her life, and realized that she could die a happy death, for she pretty much lived a boring life and, as she lived a rather secluded life, never had the chance to hurt a soul.

Back to the point, the girl thought she was about to die, as the troll would certainly find her in the moss.  However, she did not realize the depth of the troll’s low IQ.

The troll began walking in the opposite direction toward a rabbit’s den, for it was obvious to him that the girl had disappeared and transformed into a rabbit.


The girl fell asleep, and when she awoke, she was indeed a rabbit.  She met a young grey haired rabbit, and the two became companions.

As is the custom of rabbits, the couple had many children.  The girl never did find her human parents, but the happiness and freedom that she found in becoming a rabbit was enough to sustain her until the end of her days.

Lesson of the day:  When in doubt, try to become a rabbit.


About Miranda S. Wrightz

I breath one breath at a time, like a normal mermaid.

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