The Very Next Day


T’was the very next day when the Duke of Sparta happened upon a lone lass, sleeping beneath a looming willow tree in the Forest of Nell.  He knelt beside the child, hoping to gain insight into her background.  You see, it was the Month of Child, in which children were falling asleep randomly, sometimes not waking for days and weeks.  When the children did awaken, they were found to have forgotten their parents and siblings.  Doctors and clergy members were of the opinion that the long sleeps were caused by the noxious air breathed in through the lungs.  You see, in the Middle Ages, when this story takes place, raw sewage was shoved into a the middle of the main roads and into the rivers.  These unsanitary conditions were not suitable for optimal health, to say the least.

Others, however, believed that the long sleeps were the works of the witches of Asterfold.  These witches were young and emboldened by the terror which they struck into the hearts of the town folk.  The witches of Asterfold had the unique power to read books.  Seeing no other option of saving their young, the folk of Solaundria forced their way into the witches huts and caves in order to destroy every last vestibule which might have possibly held the power to cause their children to sleep so unnaturally.


To be continued…


About Miranda S. Wrightz

I breath one breath at a time, like a normal mermaid.

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