Thoughts Caused by Birthday Cake


The cake has been brought to you from via myself, Monteith Slythersuth.  The sentiment behind this cake is one of pure derangement.  The unnecessary and extravagant placement of strawberries may seem like an inconsequential loss to the multitudes of humanity who wish their lips could touch a sliver of bread.  Yes,  people are starving.  Feed them.

Some starving humans are children, some are adults.  Some are old, some are young.  The point is that it is our job as humans of the universe to reach out our hands to help others.  For that is why we were given hands, I suppose.  

But let us backtrack to the original statement of this post, which, I believe, was “unnecessary and extravagant placement of strawberries.”  I am forced by forces which you may never meet, to take back those words.  The placement is not unnecessary.  It is beautiful and makes the cake look appealing for lovers of strawberries.  Without those strawberries, eaters might not be tempted to eat, and this would be a crime similar to the crime of loitering on others’ property.

Let the spirit of the wild run through your blood, let the wind from the north fuse life into the bloodless bones of the elderly.


About Miranda S. Wrightz

I breath one breath at a time, like a normal mermaid.

One response to “Thoughts Caused by Birthday Cake

  1. ma

    u’re hysterical

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