The Legend of the Black Cabin


Many years ago, there lived a fair maiden with long blond hair.  Yes, she lived once.  But she died shortly thereafter.  Nevertheless, we shan’t weep over spilt coffee.

A fire awaits

rain thunders outside

a small smoky hut retains its glow.

Passersby shudder

They wonder and speak


They stumble over rocky hills.

They look at that cabin.

Tremble in fear

For the ghost of the girl

haunts till this day.

Or night, or whatever. 

Every hour, day and night.

She haunts for haunting is the occupation of ghosts.

She is a conscientious ghost

Who does her job well.

So be scared young child

No matter how cute.

Be scared strong man 

Size matters not.

Fear.  Let the fear of the haunted

remain forever in your bones.



About Miranda S. Wrightz

I breath one breath at a time, like a normal mermaid.

4 responses to “The Legend of the Black Cabin

  1. “She haunts for haunting is the occupation of ghosts,” damn that’s good

  2. I once ate a pickle
    My throat it did tickle
    I sneezed and I snored
    I used to adore a smorgasbord
    My point I make
    The lesson to take
    Perhaps said affairs occurred
    Via the ghost of this little girl?

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