Add Protein to Your Diet The Economical Way



We all want bigger muscles.  Yes, we ALL do.  Why?

1. As we age, muscle retention naturally decreases until the human form is but a pile of skin and brittle bone.  Action must be taken to deter this breakdown.

2. To lift things.  Yes.

3. To be able to walk if the car is broken or the subway is held up.

4. To show off.

Ask The Person a.k.a Question and Answer Section:

Q. Besides lifting weights, what else should one do to gain muscle?

A. Eat lots of protein.

Q. How much protein should I eat?

A. An active 154 pound male should eat 112 grams while an active 125 pound woman should eat 91 grams daily.  (Active means you do exercise.  If you don’t, eat less.  How much less?  Ask someone else.  I don’t know.)

Q. How can I eat that much protein?  That sounds like a lot.

A. Very good. It is.  Here are some suggestions:

1. Raise your own cows.  This is an ecological and cost effective means of drinking too much milk.  When the cows breed, you can eat their offspring.  This sounds sad, yet no one said economy was easy.

2. Raise your own chickens.  This way, you have a daily supply of fresh eggs.  Eat around nine daily, minimum.  You can eat the chickens’ offspring as well, you monster.

3. Make your own hot dogs.  Do this by sweeping up all your animals’ fats and tissues and grinding them in a blender.  Shape them into rods. Broil on grill.

4. Make your own cottage cheese.  Cottage cheese is good for protein because one cup of cottage cheese contains 30 grams of protein.  I think you make it by leaving your milk out for a few weeks.  Totally worth the muscle mass.

5. Ok, raise turkeys.  And fish.

Yes, friend, those are some ideas of how to obtain the appropriate amount of daily protein.


Ask your health practitioner before beginning this diet.  It could give you big muscles providing you lift in addition to eat, but there is always the chance that it could kill you, as well.   Never say never.

Best of luck!


About Miranda S. Wrightz

I breath one breath at a time, like a normal mermaid.

6 responses to “Add Protein to Your Diet The Economical Way

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