A Voice For the Weak


A voice for the weak

Those who cannot speak

A voice for the tired

for those highly wired

A voice for the man whose bread is but lost

A voice for the girl who has beauty at a cost

A voice for the weak

For the old and disgruntled

A voice for the drunk – 

His thoughts are quite jumbled.

A voice, yes a voice

A voice can be heard

A voice can fly high

in the sky. Like… a bird?

A voice is the reason

The reason for living

A voice is a wonder

in the Season of Giving.

Lend me your voice,

Never mind, I have my own.

A voice for the girl

Who is blind to her tone.


About Miranda S. Wrightz

I breath one breath at a time, like a normal mermaid.

3 responses to “A Voice For the Weak

  1. You lent to me a voice
    It makes me feel it’s a choice
    You believe.
    You want to see
    That my tone be changed
    Not in vain
    Do I throw this radish at you
    Not at the computer, but through

    • Radishes are fine objects for throwing
      They are for sharing, and caring, and knowing.
      A radish is a symbol of dire inspiration
      Used in the process of intense suffocation.
      A welcome retreat
      to the land of unknown
      Where mushrooms run wild
      and plaster trees grow.

      • Anonymous

        Outrageously tastefull
        All accurate depictions of a radishes glory.
        Suffocation appears not in these adjectives, now does it.

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