General Unfoodly Limerickization. Forgiveness Optional?


There once was a man from St. Murtle

Who decided to purchase a girdle.

It fit him quite well,

Some said it was swell.

For now he looks much like a turtle.




There was an old woman named Shiri

Who liked to eat pie with her kiwi

Her daughters said “Gross!”

They had a doctor diagnose

Now she eats pie with zucchini.




 by Scot Frei

Old McDumphrey sat readin’

His wife continued her beadin’

Their children climbed trees

got stung by bumblebees

Now the trial of their parents is proceedin’.







About Miranda S. Wrightz

I breath one breath at a time, like a normal mermaid.

11 responses to “General Unfoodly Limerickization. Forgiveness Optional?

  1. The tale of these children
    It warms my heart
    Gives it a start
    Makes it beat hard
    Like a pile of lard
    It’s quite a pleasant feel
    Do you like teal

  2. Shiri sounds like she had a problem
    Her children didn’t know how to deal
    They were unaware of just how awesome
    Eating kiwi makes on feal

  3. No forgiveness needed

    Though you may not have written of readily edible foods it does seem to me that every single one of your fine limericks is touched by delicacies untasted. Yes it is true that those who are of certain faiths may not partake in some of said delectables however the preaching rings true to the aforementioned purpose of this here blog. You have done well. Thank you.

    • Good fortune reigns upon the Kingdom once more.
      No more trolling of blogs.
      No murdering the hogs.
      Call off the dogs.

      Do you eat turtles?
      Do you eat bees?
      Tell me, kind sir,
      Tell me if you please.

      • Replying in earnestness

        It may seem as if i am not being a good sport, but i will not answer in poem form despite the external pressures. However i will answer your questions as best as i can. I do not eat turtles for i am of a faith that does not partake in such foods. They have beautiful shells. I do not eat bees for they are insects.
        Honey is pretty sweet and i do enjoy eating it at times.

      • I appreciate your honesty
        stay true to your soul
        and not rhyme.

        Honey is sweet.
        This is an honest sentiment,
        one that cannot be refuted by rational
        or irrational argumentationisms.

      • In Addendum:
        May you inspire generations of youth to follow your fearless, blazing path.

  4. Humility killed the cat
    Guess what brought it back

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