Musings on Hot Chocolate


The region in which I live, the Northern tip of Siberia, has seen its coldest winter in 27 years and two days.  This frigid weather brings back memories of more frivolous times.  The days when children were allowed to play freely in the warmth of the sun.  When adults left their homes without the fear of losing a finger or toe to frostbite.  Let us reminisce the days of old, when children remained children, and when adults remembered the source of their joy.

When you’re sick of the cold

When you’re hating the ice

When you’re missing the sun

When you don’t think it’s nice

That you are forced to wear layers

Of scarves, hats, and coat

When you’re blood boils over

As your Floridian friends gloat,

Remember the drink

That is there at your service

To come to your aid when your are quite nervous.

The drink, my dear friend,

Champion of justice

Is very hot chocolate

Since the days of Augustus.

To create this serum, refreshment, this brew,

You will need a pot and milk,

You will need chocolate, too.

Boil the milk, throw the chocolate in the pot.

Pour the drink in a cup

And drink while it’s hot.



About Miranda S. Wrightz

I breath one breath at a time, like a normal mermaid.

2 responses to “Musings on Hot Chocolate

  1. And I shall
    As you boost my morale
    Sip this drink
    As I think
    Of better days
    Years gone by
    Of times when children knew to fly
    Oh times have changed
    Now temps do range
    So as we suffer in this cold oh so bitter
    Please pick up a Siddur
    Daven to Hashem
    Pray he save them
    Return the heat. Amen

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