Annoyance: Behind the Name


Names carry meaning.   The word etymology is derived from the Greek word etumos, which means real and true.  The etymology of a name is perhaps the most meaningful of all, as the essence of each soul is wrapped up in its name.  Today, we discuss the name Annoyance.  Annoyance is a beautiful name, derived from the Greek anoya, which means to harrass, bother, and extract.  Although this meaning may sound derogatory, historically, it has many positive connotations.

Before the dawn of electricity, before humanity had the power to turn darkness into light (literally), womankind only existed through a constant state of anoya.  Par exemplar, during the Paleolithic era, if a wild boar was sniffing around the children of a foremother, said formother would call upon her persistent anoya, raise a hatchet, and kill or maim said boar.  If the foremother was gentle, she would have been polite and dead, along with her children.  Therefore, in the pre-historic era, the highest compliment payed to women was to say, “Darling, you are annoying, obnoxious, and horrifically terrifying.”  Following this logic, Annoyance became the most popular name during the paleolithic era.  The brightest and eldest child of a clan was always named Annoyance.

Girls were called Annoyance, because the sound of Annoyance is graceful and full of light.  Boys were named Impossib, the authentic version of Impossible.  From the paleolithic era until the Middle Ages, an impossible boy was certainly the living child in the family because he hunted for food and had the ability to kill his enemies.  A tame child was most likely to be pale and weak and often died of consumption.  Thus, as a nod to our foremothers and forefathers, let us herald the names of old, and proudly name our children for traits which are worthy and will surely withhold the test of time.  Annoyance and Impossib for life.


About Miranda S. Wrightz

I breath one breath at a time, like a normal mermaid.

6 responses to “Annoyance: Behind the Name

  1. A wild boars head on a stick to you, Monteith, for bringing this hot topic to bed at last.

  2. #takingonefortheteam

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